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Feb 13

Written by: Tony Mazzon
2/13/2012 10:20 AM  RssIcon

Good morning,

If you are behind on your New Year's resolution and you are trying to pick a gym, here are some tips to help narrow your choices!
1. Research what gyms are close to you. Convenience is key!
2. Ask your friends where they work out, do they like it?
3. Compare the cost. How much is a membership and why?
4. Visit the gyms. Visit during the time frame in which you will be going.
5. Check out the equipment. Is it new, old, clean?
6. Talk to the staff. How friendly are they, are they knowledgeable. Do they have four year degrees?
7. Last but not least, sign up!
I hope these tips help you in finding a good fit for your lifestyle and exercise routine. Some say exercise is "no fun" or "not enjoyable" but given the right environment it wont be.
Have fun, be safe!


Trainer Talk With Tony

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