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 Trainer Talk with Tony    
Author: Tony Mazzon Created: 4/7/2010 12:45 PM RssIcon
Tony is a fitness specialist at the Center for Fitness and Performance. Tony offers advise and fitness tips to help you get in shape and stay in shape.
By Anthony Mazzon on 3/28/2011 7:58 AM

There are many different approaches to strength training. You can ask ten trainers and get ten different answers. None of them would be wrong, just different. However, a safe and sure-fire way to get results is to track your progress, time your rest periods, and progressively overload your muscles.

By Anthony Mazzon on 3/21/2011 7:01 AM

Target heart rates let you measure your initial fitness level and monitor your progress in a fitness program. This approach requires measuring your pulse periodically as you exercise and staying within 50 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate.

By Anthony Mazzon on 3/14/2011 7:27 AM

Spring is right around the corner! Set a goal this season! Lower body weight, blood pressure, body fat percentage, or run a 5k! The choice is yours!

By Anthony Mazzon on 3/14/2011 7:24 AM
Did you know that Union Hospital's Center for Fitness and Performance offers over 10 different types of classes with over 40 time slots through out the week? View the attached March schedule and see what will work for you!
By Anthony Mazzon on 2/28/2011 8:12 AM

There is a new Fitness Specialist at the Center for Fitness and Performance. His name is Jerry Calvert and he is a recent graduate of Indiana State University. Jerry Graduated in 2010 with a BS in Exercise Science. Jerry played on the Indiana Stae Football team throughout his college career. He enjoys working with athletes in the Sports Performance Plus program as well as members of the CF&P! If you see Jerry be sure to say hi!

By Anthony Mazzon on 1/3/2011 8:31 AM
Happy New Year!
It's the new year and that usually means one thing, new years resolutions. If you are setting a goal for the new year here are some quick tips to help you set the right one.


By Anthony Mazzon on 12/27/2010 7:54 AM

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! With all of those extra calories that may or may not have been taken in this weekend, it may be important to make the most of your workouts this week!

By Anthony Mazzon on 12/20/2010 8:00 AM
How to avoid eating too much during the Holidays! Here are some quick tips to help! For more ideas visit the Center for Fitness and Performance and pick up a packet today!


By Anthony Mazzon on 12/14/2010 7:29 AM

If you are going on a holiday vacation or visiting relatives out of town you can still exercise while on the road.

By Anthony Mazzon on 11/29/2010 9:40 AM

3,500 calories equals one pound. Therefore, in order to lose one pound of fat you must have a deficit of 3,500 calories over a given period of time.


Trainer Talk With Tony

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