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What is Sports Performance Plus?

Sports Performance Plus is the premiere athletic performance enhancement program in the Wabash Valley.  This program is offered to athletes of all ages that are looking to run faster, jump higher and perform better.  The program will be unique due to the comprehensive training options available, including a high speed treadmill, plyometrics/agility training, VO2 sub-max testing, cardiovascular training, and video analysis of running/movement.  Each athlete will follow a custom tailored program to help them reach their goals faster and take their skills to "A Level Above".  The goal of Sports Performance Plus is to enhance each athlete's performance regardless of ability within their respective sport.

If you are an athlete or coach wanting to improve your athletic performance and gain a competitive edge over the competition, contact Sports Performance Plus today!


 Workout As You Wiat!


Parents, this is the perfect opportunity for you to work out and get back into shape while we train your athlete.  The Center for Fitness & Performance will provide you a safe, accessible and inviting setting in which to exercise while you wait.  The center strives to teach, encourage and challenge its members toward healthy lifestyles through fitness activities.  These activities include strength training and personal training sessions.  We are offering you a membership at a discounted rate of $28.00 per month with a paid Sports Performance Plus program.  Ask us for more details!

Is S.P.P. Right for Me?

  • -- Offered to athletes of all ages.
  • -- Offered to all levels of athletes.
  • -- S.P.P. will help all athletes in any sport.
  • -- If you want to run faster, jump higher and perform better, S.P.P can help.
  • -- The programs of S.P.P. will enhance each athlete's performance regardless of ability within their respective sport.

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 Training Programs    

 Speed Development Program (5-6 weeks)

  • Pre & Post Testing
  • High Speed Treadmill
  • Computer Analysis of Running Mechanics
  • Flexibility
  • Hamstring Strengthening
  • Speed Testing
  • Increased Conditioning
  • DVD of Running Mechanics and Post Program Report

Plyometrics & Agility Program (5-6 weeks)

  • Pre & Post Testing
  • Flexibility
  • Increased Conditioning
  • DVD of Testing
  • Post Program Report

VO2 Sub Max Testing

  • Computer Analysis of Running Mechanics
  • Report of Athletes VO2 Max